Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

In honor of the royal wedding, Marley wanted to be prince for the day. He agreed that Kate Middleton's dress was absolutely stunning. On another note, he stepped on something outside and cut his foot so I put some neosporin and a band-aid on his paw. He feels much better now! He also got groomed today, and he loves his new summer cut even though he feels naked. The groomer loves him, and she says he's the only pekingese she's ever liked because he's so sweet and special. Marley made sure and gave her lots of kisses and sneezes in her face.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marley the Marshmallow

Recently, Marleys new favorite place is the dog park. In Marley language, it is known as the puppy park. He loves to be able to freely run around with all of the other dogs and jump into everyone else's lap. He's kind of an attention stealer. Well, today we made a trip to the dog park because it has been raining for a solid week, and Marley and I needed some Vitamin D. I sat down in the grass and let Marley run around. This little boy comes up to me and tells me that Marley looks like a big fluffy marshmallow. I thought that was pretty funny, so this evening I've been calling him Marley the Marshmallow. Soon after the little boy went home with his small terrier, Marley found another friend that liked Marley a little too much. This little dog kept humping him, and Marley didn't know what to do. He couldn't escape! The owner of said dog comes running up apologizing and said, "I'm so sorry! Pepper likes to hump fluffy things. She's a girl dog, so I don't know why she's humping your little girl." How insulting! Marley may be slightly metro and like his bling, but he is definitely not a tranny! I replied politely, "He is a boy and he's fixed." We left the dog park a few minutes later with Marley covered in mud from the weeks rain. Good thing he's going to the groomer tomorrow. He'll be getting his summer cut, and I think he is definitely ready! Pics of his new haircut to be posted tomorrow...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Creature of Habit

Marley's new Razorback outfit for everyone's enjoyment!

For those of you who don't know, Marley is actually a pretty smart cookie! He knows a wide range of vocabulary. Cheese, bye bye, outside, cheeseburger, go potty, bath, puppy park, puppy daycare, vet, puppy food, booger, bed, Daddy, Moose, Grandma, Grandpa, and chewy are all part of his daily vocabulary.

We also have a very strict daily schedule. As soon as I wake up in the morning, he stretches over to me and we have cuddle time. As soon as cuddle time is over, we're up and ready to go outside. Everytime I sit down to eat, he is in my lap because he is a little pirahna with no manners, and I usually give into his sad puppy face. Also, when his food bowl is empty, he'll drag it out into the living room and bark and me until I fill is food bowl up.

Marley is also very possessive. Especially with tennis balls. He goes absolutely nuts when there's a tennis ball around. The other day at the dog park, a man next to me threw a ball for his dog, and Marley stole it and wouldn't give it back. He was holding on for dear life and making me chase him all around the dog park.

Another funny thing that Marley does is he likes to take baths with me. Ok, I'm not that gross. He'll sit on the edge of the bathtub while I'm taking a bath. It got a little more complicated when I couldn't take baths because of my surgery. He still wanted to sit on the edge while I took a shower. So, I let him sit on the side of the tub and put the shower liner over him. He could still see me, but I didn't get wet. Oh, the things I do for my dog. Either he has separation anxiety, or he's a complete perv. I don't care. I love the crap out of that dog.

Michael asked me what am I going to do when Marley dies. I jokingly said I was going to take him to a taxidermist and have him stuffed, so I could have Marley forever. Yes, I admit that was a totally creepy answer. No, Marley won't be around forever, but I treasure every moment that I have with him. He doesn't talk back, but he's the best listener. I can hug and squeeze and cuddle with him when I'm feeling all alone. He'll come with me to take out the trash or wash my car. (Any of the chores that I usually hate, but feel better when someone else is there doing it too.) He loves me no matter what mistakes I make. That is why "dog" is "god" spelled backwards. He's my little precious angel.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My actual Valentine. Too bad he couldn't spend Valentine's with me because he had to work, but he did surprise me with a huge balloon, a huge sweet card, and some chocolate. I love cheesy Valentine's presents! And I love my Valentine!

My date for this evening. He's a good Valentine because he likes to cuddle since I don't get to spend Valentine's with my real Valentine. How can you resist that face?

So, this past week, Arkansas got hit with a record snow storm. We got 18" at my apartment, and needless to say, Marley was not a fan of the snow. He mostly stayed inside with me, and kept me warm. I call him my little heater because he always lays on my feet, and my feet are always cold. It's like slippers that are alive. If it weren't for Marley, I would have gone absolutely nuts. I almost went nuts anyways with no human interaction for a few days, but Marley helped me keep my sanity. I love him so much!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile...

Sorry it's been awhile! I totally didn't realize that it's almost been a year since I've posted. Marley is doing excellent. Just as spoiled rotten as ever. But, we are doing great. Some things have changed in the past year. Marley's "daddy" (Michael), moved back home to save up some money, so he only gets to see Marley every couple of weeks. Marley misses him dearly. Marley and I also moved to Little Rock for the summer so that I could complete an internship that I needed to graduate. Marley enjoyed Little Rock very much even though he missed his daddy, Aunt Callie, and Aunt Holley. He had plenty of time to snuggle with his puppy. Speaking of the puppy...

Marley's favorite toy has always been his puppy. This is Marley's 5th puppy beause he has desroyed so many of them. He doesnt tear them up, persay. He just thinks they get dirty and decides to throw them in the bathtub with me. I wouldn't have problem giving Marley's toy puppy a bath except for the fact that they mildew and become even grosser than before marley gave them a bath. This one has held up the longest though. He has to have his puppy to sleep with every night.

Marley also learned a new trick. He can actually sit on his butt. So weird! I didn't even teach him this. He can balance there forever, and when he's begging for food, he flaps his arms. It's adorable. I can even make him do first position (for all you dancers out there.)

Since Michael has left, Marley has become the man of the house. He has officially taken over my recliner. Typical male...

Marley pretty much follows me wherever I go. At this particular moment, I was cleaning the bathroom. He decided to come in there with me, and somehow he got under the shower curtain. I did not pose him this way.

Since we did a lot of traveling this summer, Marley has grown accustomed to his bag. He loves his bag. In fact, I keep it in the living room now because he likes to get in it during the day. All I have to say is "Marley, get in your bag," and he gets in there. I have to say in this picture, Marley looks completely stoned. I think I gave him a sedative for the plane.

Marley also likes to help pack and unpack. Well, me mostly gets in the way, but he doesn't want me to forget him!

My two boys passed out together. How adorable!

I think Marley was wanting me to pay more attention to him by blocking the TV. Sometimes I think he's a kitty.

This was taken on the move back to Fayetteville from Little Rock. My car was so packed full of stuff that there wasn't really room for Marley. He made room on a pile of pillows and slept there the entire three hours back.

As you can see, Marley is very happy with me for putting a hat on him. Hey, at least i'm not putting bows in his hair. He is happy that the Razorbacks won their first game! Go Hogs!

Marley did love his new Razorbacks outfit with his name on it. He thinks he is hot stuff in that outfit.

Marley just has the sweetest face, so I took a closeup shot. I love him so much!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marley's Report Card

The picture is bad quality, but this is Marley's Report Card from being boarded. It says he ate well. Well duh cause he's chubby! The counselor comments said: Marley did very nice. He is sweet! We enjoyed caring for him! Mama couldn't be prouder! It also said "I enjoyed myself, but I missed you." Of course he missed me! He's my baby! I'm so glad that my little man is well behaved!